Ready For A Challenge?

because we are!

We handle CHALLENGES as a group:

For people who want to improve their health.
If you have muscle aches, a swollen abdomen, diabetes, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, fatty liver, thyroid, etc.
You can lose up to 15 pounds in a month naturally with the keto meal plan.
Photos of previous challenges results.
For information about the next challenge, call 303-435-1132.

The Challenge

The challenge is to lose up to 15 pounds or more in a month in a natural and fun way.
There will be a prize of $200 to the winner who loses more pounds!!! The prize includes:

Keto lunch and dinner for a month from Monday to Friday (meals cooked with flavor and in a way that helps you accelerate the metabolism and thus lose weight).
A daily green juice (antioxidant that helps you get rid of bad toxins from your body).
Delivery according to the area. We make two deliveries per week, Mondays after 5pm and on Thursdays.
Exercise routines (videos, tips, live classes and more).
The winner will be integrated into a WhatsApp group where they will be given the necessary advice to achieve their goals, group motivation, exercise tips, etc. and see the progress of each one.
At the end we will have a small gathering to present the award to the winner. Guaranteed Results! Visit our Facebook page and see reviews and photos of real testimonies (https://www.facebook.com/RafaelasCateringSSE/). There’s only a limited number of spots in the group, please contact us with any questions and good luck!