Rafaela's Catering

All-natural meals
straight to your door
Healthy meal prep
& diet plans
Always fresh &
quality ingredients
Convenient FREE*
Delicious, low fat
& high protein
Keto diet &
Keto juices available!

  • Our Story

    Sometimes it's tough to eat right and more importantly have "healthy" food readily available... After a long day at work, or busy weekend, the last thing you want to do is go grocery shopping, cook or even meal prep. We offer our clients (and ourselves) delicious, quick and convenient meals!

    If you are tired of buying fast food, don't have the time for cooking because you work all day, or even maybe your groceries are going bad in the fridge... Don't worry, we will cook for you; authentic, healthy, balanced homemade food. Oh, and we will also deliver it to you!

    Meal Packages

    We offer a variety of meal prep packages as well as delivery options. All our meals are prepared fresh and with high quality ingredients. We offer healthy diet plans, gourmet packages, keto meals, natural juices, gluten free and most special requests can be accommodated (see our packages below). For additional information or to request a sample contact us

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